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2nd Chance Electronics proudly helps companies of all sizes conveniently sell, liquidate, or recycle computers and IT assets. Our experienced staff offers an easy, cost-effective, all-in-one solution to your never ending stream of computer and electronic equipment. If your electronics carry a high value, we can offer to purchase any quantity of computers and computer hardware. Recycle your IT assets in an easy and affordable method, sell your bulk quantity computers, and make your operations efficient by partnering with our unique company! Continue reading to learn about what sets us apart.

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we are northern colorado’s premier it asset reseller!


We have evolved with this quickly-changing industry, and are currently innovating with new concepts that deliver unique, detail-oriented, and convenient IT asset management services.


We understand that data and asset tag security is the most important aspect of disposition to our clients. We work hard to make IT asset disposition easy, but also to protect our clients.


Our customers and partnerships are long-lasting for a reason. We are honest, deliver on our promises, and are happy to be doing what we do! Give us a try and see for yourself.


If we can re-use it, we re-use it.
If we can’t re-use it, we repair it.
If we can’t repair it, we recycle it.
In the rare case that we can’t recycle it, we legally dispose of it.




Raw metals recycling reduces the need for labor and carbon-intensive mining operations. Local recycling also prevents harmful waste from accumulating in developing countries.




Refurbished computers grant access to the internet, information, and eCommerce for those who cannot afford new computers. The secondhand computer trade provides jobs to countless local and international resellers.


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we are a small but growing company

Although there may not be many choices for ITAD providers, we know that you do have choices in who you partner with. When you choose to work with 2nd Chance Electronics, your company’s assets are not only securely and conveniently disposed, but the proceeds fund the growth of our company and people. We love what we do and are happy to provide high quality services at competitive rates. We believe that we offer big business quality with a small, local business impact.



What does a small business relationship feel like?

We know our customers by name and they know us by name. We care about our customers and are not too busy to pay attention to their specific needs. Unlike our competitors, our services can be customized, which in turn creates “solutions”. Let us put our professional end-of-life IT asset experience to work while you focus on what you do best: growing your company.


“With professional and secure services being so convenient and affordable, why not give 2nd Chance Electronics a try? We are confident that you will be one of our many satisfied long-term clients.”


  • Recycling is inherently sustainable
  • Refurbishing is more sustainable
  • We have a 2.2Kw Solar Array helping to displace our energy use
  • We are building a 2nd chance wind turbine and 18650 battery bank.
  • We are saving to purchase  an alternative energy vehicle fleet.
  • Our internal trash is first filtered into single-stream recycling.
  • Much of our shipping materials are recycled or re-used.
  • We minimize air conditioning use and utilize swamp coolers.
  • We intentionally span much power usage across non-peak hours.
  • Our goal is to reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2020!

FOCUS ON THE GROWTH OF YOUR BUSINESS while we focus on providing convenient END-OF-LIFE IT ASSET disposition.

2nd Chance electronics

Is 2nd Chance Electronics e-Stewards, R2, or NAID Certified?

We are a unique company that has chosen a path of affordable, convenient access to electronics disposition, rather than the pursuit of costly and often unnecessary certifications.

Our company is very passionate about the health of our environment and of our employees. We do not disassemble scrap, but rather work in unison with pre-qualified recycling companies that do specialize in electronics recycling. This act of cooperation is how we offer our customers a uniquely affordable, convenient, safe and responsible service.

We abide by all local, state, and federal laws, while offering truly sustainable and affordable, professional solutions!


Does your company require a specific certification?

If so, we can still help! We understand that certain situations require a high-level of security or oversight. 2nd Chance Electronics works closely with many Colorado electronics recycling companies that carry a variety of certifications. 

We can effortlessly pair your company with a pre-screened R2, E-Stewards, NAID, and ISO-certified processor. Minimize your expenses by selling 2nd Chance Electronics your IT assets first, and let us arrange disposition of your scrap afterwards.

We are happy to setup an on-site pickup, schedule a drop-off, or design advanced logistics, directly to a Colorado-based and certified recycling company.



“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of themselves and their contribution to praise the skills of others.”
– Norman Shidle

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We are happy to discuss how we can be of service to your company at 970-530-4444. Phone hours are Monday thru Friday from 9am EST to 4pm MST.

We are also available by e-mail at all hours of the day, at solution@2ndce.com.

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We are ready to purchase your bulk quantities of computers and computer hardware. We offer all-in-one disposition services, that includes recycling, in addition to computer liquidation. From on-site pickup, to fast payment and full detailed manifests, we are your best choice for corporate IT asset disposition.

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We work hard to deliver quality-controlled, tested, cleaned, and detailed computers to a wide variety of wholesale buyers. We only sell bulk quantities of equipment. If you are seeking a partnership with a wholesale computer supplier, then sign up for our regular inventory mailing list today.

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